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The Harsh Holiday Bazaar

Laura R Benson
Rachel Ellenbogen
Erin Ibo
Michele Marisola
Hannah Melville-Weatherbee
Jessi Moore
Iviva Olenick
Vineta Rendler

December 7th - December 22nd, 2023

Lucy Luckovich _Toile Study__edited.jpg

Sex and Sensibility

Anya Gudimova, Lucy Luckovich, Kelly Tapìa-Chuning, and Juliette Vaissière

November 2nd - 22nd, 2023 

528-32 w 28th st

Love Dialogue

Johanna Kestilä

October 5th - October 29th, 2023

Apartment 26

Uzo Njoku

June 9th - July 28th


Event with Chloe Colvard

March 30th - 31st

Tight Knit

Group Show 

February 23rd - March 31st, 2023

Kelly_Chuning_Familiar Expectations.jpg

What Is She Made Of?

December 3rd -11th, 2022

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