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The Harsh Holiday Bazaar
December 7 - 20th, 2023
532 w 28th st, New York, NY 10001

Laura R Benson, Rachel Ellenbogen, Erin Ibo, Michele Mirisola, Hannah Melville-Weatherbee, 
Jessi Moore, Iviva Olenick, Vineta Rendler, and Fernanda Uribe

Harsh Holiday Bazaar is a group show of creators specializing in mediums typically categorized as craft. The Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century began to legitimize many mediums that were historically considered “women’s work,” yet it consisted mainly of male artists. These men remain relevant to the art historical narrative, however, female artists and artisans are lost to history. The goal of the Arts and Crafts movement is to return to the quality of handmade products in the face of rapid industrialization.

“In order to continue the mission to redefine craft as High Art we have chosen to produce an exhibition of artworks that utilize crafting techniques and hand-crafted design objects. The works in this show are made exclusively by female artists in order to reinforce the importance of women in the creation, progression, and elevation of these canonically diminished art forms.”

– Etta Harshaw, Founder Harsh Collective

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