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Harsh Collective's ultimate goal is to create a 'zine for each exhibition that is written, designed, and published in-house. The purpose of this publication is to allow viewers to engage with our exhibitions intellectually. Our different articles allow readers to understand our artists' work at different levels and offer the chance to dive into the world of art history in small, digestible doses. 



Verity and Vanity 

by Etta Harshaw 

In light of the recent damage of Velazquez's Rokeby Venus, I wanted to revisit an old essay and share a little on the piece! 

Madonnas, Whores, and Sexy Babies

by Etta Harshaw


Looking at "WOMB" by Kelly Chuning

By Juliette Eberle and Etta Harshaw


Exploring Kelly Chuning's "Mestiza"

By Etta Harshaw

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