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Anya Gudimova

Meet Anya:

Anya Gudimova is an emerging artist currently based in Seattle, WA. Anya grew up playing the piano following a dream to be a concert pianist, but soon after turning 18 she changed her path dropping everything to pursue a career in art. Anya spent the majority of her school years in Alaska where the wild nature of the land heavily influenced her artistic expression. She received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Alaska, after which she moved to Seattle. Anya recently had a solo show at the Factory (Seattle) , and has had her work featured at the Museum of Anchorage in Alaska as well as other galleries, and has work in various private collections. Anya currently works, and paints out of Seattle, WA

Anya’s paintings deal with themes of femininity, intimacy and the exposure of privacy with which she explores the boundaries between self and other. The two paintings featured here are part of a body of work called ‘Quiet Moments” which are a collection of paintings about the mundane moments that make up the bulk of our days. The last few years were tough on a lot of people, the pandemic and instability of the world created a lot of moments alone filled with uncertainty. Those simple days, insignificant in their nature, may some day be forgotten. These paintings were created as a love note to those small moments of the forgotten days.

Artist Lucy Luckovich in her studio

Lucy Luckovich

Meet Lucy:

Lucy Luckovich (b. 2001, Atlanta, Georgia) uses oil paint to create images based around themes of virginity, oppression, and objectification. By placing significant objects in front of distant and often vague backgrounds, she builds a visual language meshing elegance and beauty with the darkness and fear that all accompany a feminine identity. Within these observations, she confronts both her desire to revel in her identity and also her resentment for it allowing these contradictory feelings to coexist. Luckovich is currently working in Atlanta, Georgia where she is attending Georgia State University to earn her B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing. 

Juliette Vaissière

Meet Juliette:

Juliette Vaissière (b. 1995, Avignon, France) received her BFA from the University of North Texas, and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She is fascinated by the precious and beautiful objects people collect to make concrete an ever-elusive “ideal” environment, and her subjects often include animals or anthropomorphic objects in place of the human figure. A student of history, her paintings reference the visual excesses of the Baroque and Rococo periods as a means of processing and understanding modern-day consumerism and economic disparity. She incorporates mixed media and trompe l’oeil elements as a nod to the glossy façade of the digital age. Vaissière’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in private collections across the United States and Europe. She currently lives, works, and teaches in Shrewsbury, MA.

Johanna Kestilä

Meet Johanna:

Johanna Kestilä (b. 1973) is known as an artist who is unafraid to break free from traditional boundaries. She has studied weaving, construction drawing, textile design, visual arts, and visual art therapy. Johanna has explored various materials extensively, ultimately specializing in creating textile paintings that incorporate space and density.

She approaches the creative process with a perspective that challenges the concept of "finished" pieces. Initially, she paints the canvas to a point where one might consider it complete, only to then deconstruct the material into pieces. Afterward, she studies these reborn materials as entirely distinct from their original forms and reconstructs them in her final production.

This process elegantly showcases her ability to infuse movement and rhythm from the exterior and bring it back out as an integral part of her creations. Despite the physically and mentally demanding nature of this technique, it somehow manages to convey a sense of tenderness and vulnerability, leaving viewers in a state of calmness and harmony.


Uzo Njoku

Meet Uzo:

Uzo Njoku is a versatile visual artist well known for her mesmerizing motifs used in her pattern making. The artist  utilizes her hypnotizing pattern making in her apparel production and a vast array of products which she daringly  creates. Njoku successfully does what many artists struggle to accomplish; she bridges the gap between high art and design by incorporating her pattern making, clothing and home goods, within her paintings. Her vibrant  paintings, majorly, depict melanin figures in contemporary clothing whilst incorporating her intricate patterns  to create contrast and depth. The artist explains that often Black artists feel the responsibility to depict black  suffering, but Njoku finds that her purpose is to showcase the joy, beauty, and energy of Black communities.

Meet Kelly:


Kelly Tapìa-Chuning (b. 1997) is a mixed-race Chicana artist of Indigenous descent from southern Utah currently based in Detroit, MI. Tapìa-Chuning's work utilizes research, textile deconstruction, and needle-felting to examine the power dynamics attached to racial identity/culture, gender, and language.  

In 2020, she received a BFA in Studio Arts from Southern Utah University; and is pursuing an MFA in Fiber at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she was awarded a Gilbert Fellowship. Tapìa-Chuning's work has been included in exhibitions with the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, GAVLAK (LA), Onna House (East Hampton), The Border Project Space (NY), and solo exhibitions with Red Arrow Gallery (TN) and Harsh Collective (NYC). Her work has been featured in Artnet News, Southwest Contemporary, Surface Mag, Juxtapose Art & Culture Magazine, Artsin Square, and Friend of The Artist. Tapìa-Chuning's work is in numerous private collections across the US and in public collections at Onna House in East Hampton, NY and the Southern Utah Museum of Art. 

Kelly Tapìa-Chuning


Chloe Colvard

Meet Chloe:


Chloe Colvard (b. 1998) is a visual artist and writer living in Brooklyn. Her work explores various themes, from childhood and family, all the way to femme experiences and dating. Much of her work addresses toxic behavior and sexism. Chloe’s visual ‘Latex’ collection was published by Curated by Girls, and she was the former Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning lit journal 12th Street. Additionally, Chloe is a former Artist-in-Residence at Carrie Able Gallery in Williamsburg, the same gallery where her work has been featured in two group exhibitions; Liminal Frames: Body Agency (April - May, 2022), and Here Resides Fantasy (August - September, 2022). Chloe has worked passionately on creative projects since 2018, with her love of writing and art leading her to earn a BA in Creative Writing from The New School. Her Chapbook, ‘Anything You Can Do’ was published by Bottlecap Press in 2022.

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