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Anya Gudimova

photo jun 03 2023, 1 14 20 pm.heic

Meet Anya:

Anya Gudimova is an emerging artist currently based in Seattle, WA. Anya grew up playing the piano following a dream to be a concert pianist, but soon after turning 18 she changed her path dropping everything to pursue a career in art. Anya spent the majority of her school years in Alaska where the wild nature of the land heavily influenced her artistic expression. She received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Alaska, after which she moved to Seattle. Anya recently had a solo show at the Factory (Seattle) , and has had her work featured at the Museum of Anchorage in Alaska as well as other galleries, and has work in various private collections. Anya currently works, and paints out of Seattle, WA

Anya’s paintings deal with themes of femininity, intimacy and the exposure of privacy with which she explores the boundaries between self and other. The two paintings featured here are part of a body of work called ‘Quiet Moments” which are a collection of paintings about the mundane moments that make up the bulk of our days. The last few years were tough on a lot of people, the pandemic and instability of the world created a lot of moments alone filled with uncertainty. Those simple days, insignificant in their nature, may some day be forgotten. These paintings were created as a love note to those small moments of the forgotten days.

Harsh Collective Exhibition(s): Sex and Sensibility

Available Work

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