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Gabriela Kramer


Meet Gabriela: 

Gabriela Kramer (b. 1994, San Diego) is an American Israeli, New York-based artist. Art was prominent early in her life, her mother also a painter would constantly be creating and working on new projects in their home.

Gabriela’s work emerges in the interdisciplinary space of performance, painting, and mixed media. In 2012, Gabriela left behind her life in America and relocated to Tel Aviv, where she immersed herself in studies and work.

During her time in Tel Aviv, Gabriela embarked on a journey of redefining the concept of 'home.' This exploration became a central theme in her artwork
upon her return to the US, delving into family tensions, communal histories, and the intricate social fabric.

Today, Gabriela lives in Brooklyn and can be found painting in her studio in Red Hook.

Harsh Collective Exhibition(s): Entropy

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