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More information coming soon...


Sex and Sensibility
November 2nd - 22nd
532 w 28th St, New York, NY

Harsh Collective is an artist-first gallery that amplifies emerging contemporary artists’ voices and offers a bespoke platform where collectors, artists, and guests are all welcome. Harsh Collective brings the artist’s story to the forefront of the art world, offering a creative space driven by community.

At Harsh Collective, we are an advocate for creators and strive to create a collective understanding of the artist beyond their practice. We demystify the inner workings of the gallery model, empowering artists to be at the forefront of our work—bringing attention to their process, their inspiration, and their story. We are dedicated to cultivating an engaging and experiential space that supports our artists' visions.


Love Dialogue
Johanna Kestilä

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